This is it, one of the BEST MMO’s in past 5 years will be released on 3rd March with head start on 28th February 2016 and we are finally getting a proper MMO including:

  • Open World PvP without any bullshit RvR sides, where guilds are the ones making politics and not one side (eg ArcheAge East vs West) blobbing the other side.

  • Action no tab targeting combat system with advance combo’s where skilled players will outshine an average ones. ( imagine if Tera had a baby with Age of Conan combos on steroids .. yes including combo skipping if you wondered. )

  • Seamless world with no loading zones where everything is open world: grind spots, bosses etc…

  • Great guild vs guild features such as node/siege wars that are not just for epeen BUT you can direct silver benefits eg all guild members are receiving regular income when you own such properties

  • No ingame alliances system where carebears will blob with each other as not in same guild during war times 

And much more of unique like no other MMO interactions with the open world, to conclude this is by far one of the best MMO’s being released with so many features that even after weeks of play you will find out that “you know nothing John Snow”

This may turn out to be the MMO we will be spending years so don't miss your chance.


First what you need to know is that game have limited 100 members only guild size and to be competitive we need to fill it with most active players.

We will create 2nd guild for our casual members that wanna test and play the game slow paced, however the main guild will be filled with those who can play the minimum of 3 to 4h+ daily and more during the weekends.
Note: Members will be moved from main and 2nd guild based on activity

Requirements to join Black Desert guild

1. You need to pre-order Explorer 49€ or Conqueror 99€ package to have access for Close Beta 2 starting on 18th February 2016. Some exceptions can be made for those that are missing those days, let us know in advance. Pre-order it here:

2. Make sure you joined our Discord server ( Team Speak replacement ):

Download application here:
Register username, press JOIN button and copy/paste this link:

3. Once connected on Discord send Shiki PM with following details:

  • Your futilez account name (
  • Your family name and main character name that you plan to use (All names will be confirmed when we are able to reserve them)
  • The class you are planning to play on your main character
  • Which package (Conqueror 100€/ Explorer 50€ ) you have bought or planning to buy
  • Your estimated time of playing BDO daily
  • The email account that is linked with your account
  • Link to your application ( check MY APPS)
  • Link to your profile on the official forums (

If you change your mind about something send her the updates.

4. Be ready for 18th of February Close Beta Event and in the mean time stay connected on discord server while doing research about the game. ( believe me its not good idea to jump into such massive game without prior research.


We have quite few members with extensive knowledge about the game as they were playing it for months in KR/RU/JP regions. Even now we are testing all the game guild features on RU region to get really prepared for game release.

With 100 max guild size its really important we have the correct class ratio's so we are posting bellow our guild needs. ( keep in mind we may tweak it a bit in next weeks )

Highly wanted:

  • Witch/Wizard (Best support and Aoe damagers)
  • Ranger (Great Aoe Damager)

Medium wanted:

  • Valkyrie (Paladin tank style)
  • Berserker (Tanky aoe CC meleer)

Least wanted:

  • Sorceress (Melee with magic attacks at close ranger)
  • Tamer (Melee assassin and able to support using Beast buffs) 
  • Warrior (1v1 melee with block ability) 

By least wanted does not mean we don't need them at all but only a few (5 to 10 of each).


During the last month we have posted various extensive guides regarding classes, crafting, proficiency, grinding and more on the forums. It is well advised to learn as much as you can about the Node System, Hiring workers as those are 2 of the main aspects of the game and various options for making silver in game. You can fish, tame horses, craft and much more.

All information can be viewed at:
Note: If you have problem accessing the site let me know on Discord to sort out your permissions.

Important: In 2013 we moved our site from self hosted vbulletin platform to enjin system and all members who applied before that needed to recreate their application forms ( old members are automatically accepted) If you do not see your application at : MY APPS please recreate it here:
To login to new platform you can use your old username password ( )

If you have any questions or need any help in accessing other versions of Black Desert Online, feel free to ask in discord. There will always be someone to assist you.a

See you in one of our biggest adventures with massive amount of fun & PvP.

Best regards,